Who We Are

Ralston Valley High School /Arvada West High School Mountain Bike (RVMTB) Team

In 2010, the Ralston Valley Mountain Bike Team joined the Colorado High School Cycling League (coloradomtb.org) and NICA in the first of its kind high school mountain bike race series. That first year, the team consisted of 2 coaches and 6 male riders in a four-race series. With the league being coed, pioneering female athletes soon joined the excitement and within a few years, RVMTB became an important part of a fast-growing national league of high school mountain bike racers. 

The following decade saw the exponential growth of the sport and of the Colorado League, from less than 100 riders in 2010 to just under 2000 in 2020. Mountain bike racing is one of the fastest-growing youth sports in the nation. Colorado became a hotbed of extremely talented athletes and currently stands as a top region of high school racers with northern California and Utah joining us to lead the pack. 

Our RVMTB team has grown as well with around 60 athletes participating in our 2023 season. While associated with Ralston Valley High School,  a large contingent of riders from Arvada West High School make up the team. We welcome riders from other area schools without their own team (Pomona, Standley Lake, Wheat Ridge), as well as Charter/Independent schools and homeschoolers. If you are in the Arvada area, talk with us to see if the team is a good fit for you. 

Our team is completely run by volunteers. Coaches, the RVMTB Booster Club Board, and supporting personnel all volunteer to make this organization run. The team fees support only the costs of the team and involvement in coach training and required league fees. 

The RVMTB team offers the opportunity to participate for all levels of riders. Some riders come in fit, fast, and highly skilled. Others are new to the sport or have barely ridden on dirt. We have coaches to accommodate the various skill levels. One thing our team prides itself on is an open and accepting atmosphere. To quote the Colorado High School Cycling League, "Our purpose is to build strong minds, bodies, and character, guided by the principles of inclusivity and equality. Together we foster healthy habits in youth, develop self-confidence, cultivate leadership, and strengthen family bonds one pedal stroke at a time."

The typical mountain bike race season is late summer/fall with a four-race series (every other weekend in beautiful CO mountain town venues) culminating in the CO State Championship Race that riders must qualify to participate in. A small number of off-season training rides and camps are allowed over the spring and summer, with the official race season beginning July 15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have riders of all abilities and coaches that work with our different squads of riders, grouped by skill levels.

A good quality mountain bike (doesn't have to be the cost of a mortgage payment) that fits the rider is most important. Any of the coaches can help with sizing, specs, and types of bikes best for high school cross-country racing, based on the rider's skill level. Please ask.

After school practices are typically on Mondays and Wednesdays, but times and locations vary by squads each week

Yes, any home school or high school student that doesn't have a team at their own high school may join RVMTB.

Yes, you must meet the minimum qualifications, but riders can earn an athletic letter from Ralston Valley High School.

Yes, the races are optional, although we highly encourage our riders to participate in the fun race events.

No, you are not required to stay overnight, although many families choose to do so depending on the race venue's proximity to home and the race day/time for their individual rider.

Yes, but at separate times. During a typical race season, race events are split between boys and girls and then again between the levels: Varsity Boys (4 laps) Varsity Girls (3 laps) JV Boys (3 laps) JV Girls  (2 laps) Sophomore Boys (2 laps) Sophomore Girls (2 laps) Freshman Boys (2 laps) Freshman Girls (2 laps)

Yes, you must complete at least 3 races during the season and then meet minimum ranks within your level (Varsity, JV, Soph, Fresh)